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Does Yours Sip Or Guzzle

The cost of fuel for cars just seems to be heading skywards. But there are some simple things you can do to drive your dollar even further. Follow these tips to help your car go further between fills at the petrol pump.

Driving economically around town

  • Drive smoothly and resist the urge to suddenly accelerate - the harder you push your accelerator, the more petrol you'll use. Look ahead in the traffic to maintain a steady speed.

  • Use the gearbox sensibly if you drive a manual car. Driving in a lower gear when it's not necessary and revving the engine waste fuel at a considerable rate. Change through the gears smoothly and as soon as practical.

  • Ease back of the accelerator if you drive an automatic car. Gradually build up to your travelling speed rather then suddenly accelerating.

  • Where possible avoid engine idling for long periods. If you expect a lengthy delay then just switch off your engine.

Driving economically on the highway

  • Drive at the legal and appropriate speed. Travelling at 90km/h rather than 110km/h will reduce fuel use by up to 25%.

  • If your car is fitted with cruise control then you should think about using it during highway driving. This will make sure that you maintain a smooth and steadier cruising speed.

  • Some cars have an economy button that can be switched on. Having the economy mode on will ensure the car shifts gears earlier which in turn saves more fuel.

The care factor

Regular servicing and maintenance will make sure your car stays reliable and mechanically sound. A well maintained and serviced car will also be more fuel efficient and produce less air pollution.

It's important to ensure:

  • Your engine is correctly tuned

  • All filters are clean and changed when necessary

  • The fuel and ignition systems are operating correctly

  • The engine oil is regularly changed

  • Don't be startled, a qualified mechanic knows how to service your car to run properly.

Keep them pumped

Keeping your tyres at the right air pressure will also ensure a more efficient car. Tyers that have low air pressure cause the engine to work harder, using more fuel. Low tyre pressure also reduces the life of your tyres.

The right air pressure in your tyres will make sure that your car handles more securely and safely. You can find your tyre pressure guide in the car manual or inside the driver's side door panel.

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