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Top Driver Distractions

Have you ever reached your destination and wondered how you got there, because you couldn't remember the past 5 minutes driving on that road that you just came from? This is most likely a result of being distracted by thinking about a variety of circulating thoughts whilst being unable to focus on the task at hand. Driving is essentially a skill that requires your full attention to safely control your car and be able to respond to any hazards or events which could potentially occur. Here are some of the top distractions:

  • Mobile phones

Talking, texting or using your phone for any purposes while driving can significantly distract you and increase the risk of being involved in a car collision by up to four times. The law requires you to have your phone securely mounted in a cradle and only be used to receive and make phone calls. Any other functions of the phone such as texting, reading emails and making video phone calls are not allowed. Learner and P1 drivers are not allowed to use any functions of the phone including hands free.

  • Adjusting vehicle settings

Have you ever sat in the car and started driving and noticed that your seating position has changed? (your siblings or friends probably don't realise how hard it is to find that sweet, comfortable seating position). Most people don't realise that fiddling around with buttons, controls and adjustment can significantly distract you. Try to make sure that you are comfortable before driving on and keep fiddling around to a minimum.

  • Passengers

Young drivers tend be more easily distracted not because they are not good drivers but because they just need to build more experience for different situations. Always pay extra attention on the road when you have your friends in the car and don't become distracted by their actions.

  • Drinking, smoking and eating

By drinking we mean non-alcoholic drinks, surely you know that drink driving (alcoholic drinks) is against the law. If you didn't then you just learned a valuable lesson. Concentrating on eating that delicious looking burger can also be distracting. If you need to drink, smoke or eat then just pull over and enjoy that juicy burger in comfort!

  • Distraction outside the car

Well if distractions inside the car weren't enough you have the added distractions outside the car. Pay extra attention on the road to other drivers movements and pedestrians and don't become too engaged by billboards, shops and other unexpected interesting things on the road.

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